About Shelf Cloud

We at Shelf Cloud put your digital assets into secure digital shelves. We provide web-based software for small businesses and individuals. Our services are built using Subversion, Mercurial, the Ruby on Rails framework and other state of the art open source technologies. Our servers are hosted in German data centres that are compliant to European privacy laws.

Our Products

Git, Subversion and Mercurial Hosting - Effortless & Secure

Versionshelf gives you hosted Git, Subversion and Mercurial repositories with an easy to use admin frontend.

Versionshelf - git, mercurial, subversion
  • easily create git, subversion and mercurial repositories
  • import your existing repositories
  • access through secure 128-bit SSL data encryption everywhere
  • manage repository user accounts
  • rss feeds of your commit logs
  • create repository backups whenever you want with one click
  • web-based repository access
  • users can change their own repository passwords
  • trigger urls with post data after each commit
  • integrate with popular services like Basecamp, Twitter and of course Bugshelf.

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Manage your projects with ease and style

Bugshelf is an unbloated and easy to use issue tracking software, spiced with ajax and tags.

It originated as a custom solution for TheCodingMonkeys, the makers of SubEthaEdit and the iOS Game Carcassonne. Bugshelf is especially tailored for independent software vendors that do release based application development.

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Get in touch

Press inquiries, partnership opportunities, and general questions, comments, and concerns should be sent to Thomas Steinhausen, the company founder, via .