New Feature: textile, markdown and rdoc source renderers

A hidden feature that is implemented for some time now but never officially announced is rendering of textile, markdown and rdoc documents in our subversion repository browser.

Textile, Markdown and RDoc allow you to format text with a lightweight and easy to use markup language.

As with syntax highlighting it just seems more natural to see textile and markdown documents rendered as they should. See the two screenshots below:


The first picture shows the rendered textile content, the other the regular source view.

Let’s say you have a textile formatted README file in your project and want it to be rendered as html in the repository browser, you just need to add an svn property named vsrender to the file. Eg. execute svn propset vsrender textile README in your shell.

We support Textile, Markdown, RDoc and a simple text view. The corresponding vsrender-properties are named as follows:

  • textile
  • markdown
  • rdoc
  • simple_format

If you would like to see the actual source of the rendered file you can just switch to the regular source view as shown below:

Textile - show source view link Raw - show textile view link

With this feature our repository browser can almost be used as a simple wiki (which was our initial intention :)!