Versionshelf: Mercurial support

An important upgrade has happened – Mercurial Support for Versionshelf!

With the updated server infrastructure we also introduced a significant new feature: Mercurial Support. Mercurial is one of the emerging Distributed Version Control Systems. Used by great projects like Sun OpenSolaris or the Python language it has proven to be one of the best of its breed – and to us even more important: we love it!

Usage is quite similar to Subversion, but follows the more and more popular approach of distributed version control systems: every working copy is also the complete repository with the whole history. Commits go to your local repository – even when you are not online. To keep your repository in sync with others you push and pull to/from a central repository.

To make collaboration in your projects an easy experience, Versionshelf now supplies the central place for Mercurial repositories.

Beyond Mercurial Support we also made existing features even better: post commit hooks and the activity view.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

If you are not already a Versionshelf user you may have a look at our plans and features.